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Uncle Jay Explains: March 16, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: March 16, 2009

Ah, spring.  Our lawns turn green, our money turns brown.  The days get longer, patience gets shorter.  But thank goodness, just in time: Lindsay Lohan and Anna Nicole Smith are back in the news!  Also something about basketball.

23 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: March 16, 2009”

  1. John Says:

    Funny! “That’s all folks” … “Doh! Backon!”

  2. Lynne Lefebvre Says:

    How did you get that “E” to fall off just at the right second.
    Once again, you made my night.
    International hugs,
    Lynne Lefebvre.

  3. Larry Baran Says:

    You make the start of each week so much more fun. You take a your cut out of the centre, not the left or the right. Thank you for doing what no one else can.
    Larry Baran

  4. kathy Says:

    LOL so that’s why china is poisoning our food. thanks so much for explaining it.

  5. Jenn K Says:

    “maybe that’s why they are poisioning our food” ROFL!!

  6. Jon Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,

    In a situation where there’s not much to laugh about, your weekly clips are a bright spot that caps the week’s news in a way that makes me laugh so hard, I can’t stop for several minutes. Thank you for making humorous what is turning into a nightmare for most of us; it gives us a perspective we wouldn’t normally consider. I look forward now to each new week’s clip.

  7. Neil Russell Says:

    Thanks for the news this week! Once again it’s the most important 3 minutes in 7 days we can get!

  8. Janet Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    Jon–above–says it perfectly. You are a ray of sunshine. And so perceptive!!

  9. David Morriss Says:

    Hi, UJ!

    You showed Jon Stewart and Cramer squaring off. Jon was going after CNBC for sloppy reporting of and even collusion with Wall Street, abandoing journalistic responsibilities and leaving most of us much poorer than before.

    Lots of our news is faulty, riddled with innuendo, mis-stated context and outright lies of ommission. Take for example, your ‘bill filled with pork’ comment… the bill has bipartisan earmarks consuming a whopping 2% of the omnibus bill and that’s assuming every one of them is ‘pork’. A little inflation of the point? May be.

    To my point: many of us boys and girls are not equipped to spot faulty argument. A good example is the “strawman argument” style which is essentially ‘guilt by unflattering comparison’….here’s a sample:

    “The only reason you want to stop companies offshoring jobs to India is because you’re a racist. No decent person can take such an argument seriously”.

    This is a very common form of poor argument. It involves misrepresenting your opponent’s position, by pretending it’s something that sounds similar but is easy to refute. This is used a lot in political or religious arguments.

    More than ever we need to have the tools to see through our corrupted media to the troof. Teaching us kids (and grownups too) how to spot faulty reasoning is a good way to supply those tools

    I do have a nice little paper that lists many phoney argument styles. Good reading and fun too. Amaze your friends at parties.

    Your little pal in Sarasota,


  10. Chris Garner Says:

    Great job answering the question of the week! I loved it.

  11. Greg Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    You’ve truly outdone yourself and have set a new standard for explaining the news! Thanks for keeping us educated…and entertained! Now if Barney Frank would only realize that it’s CONGRESS who needs to be shaken up, not just Wall Street! Thanks once again!

    From Northeast Jawja,

  12. Diane Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,

    Another awesome ‘imperfect’ newscast !!
    You crack me up dude……

    I’m glad that you didn’t ‘touch up’ the pictures of First Lady Michelle.
    If you would have, I would have lost all respect for Uncle Jay. LMAO

    Your girlie pal,

  13. Laura M Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    The three minutes I spend with you are the most educational and humorous of my week.
    I love your pork explanation. I have been complaining about it for a few weeks now. Who left all of this bacon laying around?
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  14. Bethany Says:

    Great episode Uncle Jay! Very funny! Thanks!

  15. Buffalo Shark Says:

    First time I’ve been here. Will have to come back as that video was both funny and true

  16. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    Mr. Obama is safe from criticism for his pronouncement of an ‘imperfect’ solution to the financial crisis:

    The idea of perfection is a logical paradox, since the word ‘perfect’ implies attaining the unattainable, like the last term in an infinate series. N’est-ce pas?

  17. Goldie Says:

    Uncle Jay – the map behind was mislabeled. It should have read:
    This Way
    That Way
    No Way
    Atta Way
    Blue Jay Way -> pointing to the UK

  18. Kylie Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay,

    I loved your show! It was great! How did you get your letter to fall off at the right second?


  19. Julie Says:

    Did any one else notice that “Your News Question” is written “Your News Kwestion”. hahah thanks for the laugh

  20. daisyfae Says:

    Uncle Jay – i’m concerned that there is a vast ‘right magnet’ conspiracy that affects your letters. does this mean i need to take all of my money out of the bank and put it inside my dog’s bed?

  21. Don Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    Thanks for once more explaining the news so that little minds and kids too can understand it. Now that you pointed out the link between our debt to China and poison in our food I think we all should be more careful. Happy Springtime to you!


  22. TrueCardinal Says:

    I really look forward to getting to see your show every week. You really make news fun. Why cant the news on tv be like you.

  23. Ming Mu Says:

    “that’s why China is poisoning our food.”
    That’s funny, but there were also large numbers of babies who became part of the victims. Those criminals and greedy officials should be to blame. It’s none of money’s business.


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