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Uncle Jay Explains: March 2, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: March 2, 2009

Don’t worry!  No matter how hard the times may be, no matter how deep into debt our country gets, you can count on politicians to make promises they can’t possibly keep.   And on Uncle Jay to explain it all!

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22 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: March 2, 2009”

  1. Don Goldberg Says:

    The difference between Uncle Jay and Bobby Jindal is that when Uncle Jay explains the news, we kids don’t feel as if he’s talking down to us.

  2. Aaron Turpen Says:

    Awesome job, once again, Uncle Jay! The picture of Jindal as Mr. Rogers is PRICELESS.

  3. Neil Russell Says:

    Thanks for being the only media personality to point out that Congress created the very problems they are hell bent to solve!
    Another great one from Uncle Jay!!

  4. BigDeeg Says:

    Let’s not forget that Congress didn’t create these problems alone. They had plenty of help from their Wall St buddies & CEO hotshots, who sent have been sending them lots & lots of $$$ for years. They’ve been like peas in pod— a real American political TRADITION, & we’re all paying for it now big time!! Best regards to Uncle Jay!

  5. Brad Says:

    Caught the Fiddler on the Roof silent joke! I’ll add “If I were a rich man…”

  6. kathy Says:

    thanks for being a highlight of the day.

  7. Rachel Says:

    TRADITIONNNNN… tradition! :) :D

  8. Kent Says:

    I was impressed by your closing with a reference to the loss of Paul Harvey. Thank you for remembering.

  9. Chris Garner Says:

    Jindal’s response was SOOOO bad. All he did was talk about himself and how great he was. Spot on, Uncle Jay.

  10. Aaron Says:

    I especially liked the nod to Paul Harvey at the end. Nice touch.

  11. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    “Egregious American Capitalism” (not a bad word…yet) may have been far more effective in perpetuating the collapse of Western Culture than the combined effort of all our Middle Eastern enemies. Hooray for Feudalism!

  12. Laura M Says:

    LOVE IT!! I don’t know who does the satirical graphics for your news but they are fantastic. Keep the explanations coming Uncle Jay.

  13. Clark Says:

    I started watching Uncle Jay after the 2008 wrap-up, the one set to our favorite Christmas carols. I never miss one now, they’re all great.

    I laughed out loud at “Tradition!” Jay’s so smart.

  14. TrueCardinal Says:

    No matter how many new thins Congress throws at us, it never really helps. Will the economy ever become golden again? Very, very good episode once again.

  15. Tami Says:

    Great job, as always! But he missed the opportunity in answering the question that newspapers are going away, but JOURNALISM went away a LONG time ago. Keep ‘em coming, Uncle Jay!

  16. Lynne Lefebvre Says:

    Dear Jay,
    I really didn’t think it possible to find anything funny to say about the
    present situation. Bless you for your inspired sense of humor. I will take the
    chuckles with me and be glad we have you!

  17. Kier Ordo Says:

    If I were a rich man… I bet they would bail me out too!

    I never cease to be amazed that you find ways to turn the tragic into the hilarious. Marvelous job!

  18. Chloé Says:

    Hi uncle Jay !I’m from France and even there we find you great ! Thank you for making us smile and please keep going . bye

  19. Jim Says:

    Just got around to this episode. The tradition joke was great, and I truly appreciated your acknowledgement to Paul Harvey, who was a tradition in my family’s household all of my life. Well done again Uncle Jay, and looking forward to the next edition.

  20. Greg Says:

    With regards to the newspaper … The headline should read “ANOTHER NEWSPAPER FOLDED”

    You’re the best, Uncle Jay!

  21. Kathleen Says:

    What is black and white and completely over?

  22. kathy Says:

    that was funny. good stuff. thanks.


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