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Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 16, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 16, 2009

Sure, the new stimulus package may seem hard to figure out.  Uncle Jay will explain it all, just as soon as he figures it out.

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23 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 16, 2009”

  1. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    MAX STIM. Ya! Where can I get some?

  2. Mother Larkin Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay,
    I was very upset last week with our folks in D.C., but after your lesson today I’m at least smiling. Keep doing what you’re doin’. Everyone needs to smile, even when there’s not much to smile about!!

  3. Petty Pat Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay! Your flow charts, graphs and pies finally made clear to me the need and purpose of the stimulus package. I’m much more comfortable now, knowing my hard earned money will be spent by a competent and efficient government.

  4. Charlie M Says:

    Only a convoluted mind could think up the script for this convoluted subject….. :) Great job Uncle J.
    Still waiting for the first Photoshop of the president’s face as was common with President Bush……………… I guess you should wait another couple of months and by then, no one will get upset……

  5. mb Says:

    I cannot wait until the next class every week. I learn so much about the workings of our goverment through you. Thank you for clearing it all up for me. Nice Package!

  6. Jen Singer Says:

    Uncle Jay — you make my Monday mornings bearable. Only you could get Salman Rushdie, Ike Turner, Jessica Simpson and Mr. Peanut in the same video and have it make perfect sense. You crack me up. Thanks!

  7. Steve Marshall Says:

    Thanks for your great explanations. I and every concerned American now wants to know what is really in this “stimulus” package. Does anyone really know? Would love to hear your take on this.

  8. Don Goldberg Says:

    So if Dennis Kucinich was the president between those domes, if we “stimulated” him, would he grow to the size of President Obama? These stimmies leave me stymied?

  9. Confused Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    I’m confused. I thought last November American’s voted for “change.” Exactly when are we suppose to see change? Or is change a code word for “Exactly the same, but with different faces?”

    Also, how can there be change when everyone (more or less) appointed to Mr. Obama’s cabinet has served in prior administrations?

    Sincerely Confused

  10. Chandra Nolynne Says:

    Just wanted to say that I think this is my favorite episode so far (although I just started watching at the close of 2008)!!! Fan-frickin-tastic!!!! Thanks Uncle Jay!

  11. kathy Says:

    so hiliariously funny again. you are a genious with the news. LOL thanks so much.

  12. TrueCardinal Says:

    Great Video. But will the stimulus really help us?

  13. Scootershoney Says:

    Uncle Jay – thank you for helping me smile every week. It’s much appreciated. Since your video mentions the octuplets, I have an observation! I am a member of Kaiser Permanente & last week I was contacted by a collection agency stating that I owe Kaiser $1700. I had no idea what this was about & when I called Kaiser I was told it was all a mistake & that they would get it corrected. Now I’m wondering if maybe they’re hoping to get extra money from all of their members to help pay for the octuplets!!! It’s just a thought! :-)

  14. ONEUNDER Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    GOOD JOB THIS WEEK, your video was done very tastefully. I am still laughing. I am sharing the link with friends. Have a great week.

  15. TWIN PEAKS Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay: I was hoping you could explain how the Chosen One was stimulated to pass the stimulus package. Did the twin white packages nurture and stimulate him, seeing as he was conveniently nestled between the twin domes of stimulus. Does that make any sense? Is he still getting stimulation from the stimulus package? Can we expect any stimulation from those domes? Is that what a stimulus package is? I must be confused.

  16. Call Me a Cynic Says:

    Love it. I have a much less politte and civilized way to describe how it works.
    Thank for all you do.

  17. DedicatedStudent Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay! Everything I was supposed to learn in my government class I’ve learned from your website. You rock! Thanks for helping me pass all my tests!

  18. Goldie O. Says:

    Uncle Jay – Instead of this stupid “stimulus package” going to all the banks who put us in this mess, why didn’t congress just give $200,000 to every legal citizen over the age of 18? THAT would have resulted in a great STIMULATION of the economy. Don’t ya think?

  19. Tim W Says:

    Uncle Jay – Hilarious! Thanks so much for clarifying such a complex issue.

  20. homer Says:

    MAKE 2 episodes per week PLEASE

  21. Michael Rocha Says:

    –> ^^ Octo-Olympian meets Octo-Mom ^^ ~ I love it! . . . .

    ~ sknahT

    ekiM ~

  22. Virginia Says:

    What a relief to know our “nuts are safe”. You crack me up UJ!

  23. Chala Says:

    i’m so glad your here yo make everything sooo much more clear then what’s on the news!
    oh and i was at that big senate room when they were passing the bill!


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