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Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 9, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 9, 2009

So Christian Bale has a potty mouth.  But this week, it was Congress who needed the plunger!  How can they be so clogged and stopped up, but still manage to flush billions down the drain?  Uncle Jay explains it all!

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18 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 9, 2009”

  1. Janice A Connett Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay: Please explain why we have to be bombarded with “news” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is very little real “news” and what there is of it gets OLD very fast with all the pundits nit-picking, speculating, and frankly, just gossiping about the news-makers. I feel like biting that finger off of that Situation Room guy who thinks he is so intimidating to point it into the camera’s eye. I feel I am being Blitz-kriged by a Wolf for hours at a time. The news is made “stale” by the media who chew a topic to death like parinhas. At least, when you explain the “news” we learn a new word or two, and without any pointing fingers! ~Janice in Albuquerque

  2. Robert Osborne Says:

    Hi Oncle Jay:
    You made me laugh once more. Thanks.

  3. Carole Fronk Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay: When you explain the news, I really understand. It makes me wonder why in this marvelous age of technology why we cannot get the “truth”. OH is that because Washington, London, Moscow is full of people making sure that the masses are not told the “truth”? Are our little just not up to it? Keep it coming Uncle Jay – you are the best.

  4. Rob Liesik Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    Unfortunately, or is it fortunately, Joe Biden would not have sat in on Daschle’s confirmation hearings. He is no longer a Senator (too bad), but is the Vice President now (too badder!). But I agree, that the Iranians are shaking in their boots about facing Joe in a conversation (boring)!

  5. Melba Sibrel Says:

    Uncle Jay!!!

    You’re Meus Satura Vir. (My satire hero) Keep it up!

  6. Kayak Joe Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,

    Your version of the news is so much more stimulating (read: realistic, accurate, honest amusing, entertaining) than the Media’s, that I think you should appear on a daily basis rather than weekly.
    C’mon, how bout it?, please, please, pretty please??

  7. kathy Says:

    love your humor again. thanks for all that you said. you also have a pleasant voice to listen to. also liked your point made when darwin says we’re animals pres. lincoln says we’re not. NK that’s why slavery was abolished.

  8. Ronda Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    Whewww this is hard I have always sent a “thataa boy email” never a EXCUSSSEEE me email. However, in the name of science I would like to clarify something.

    1. (good news always first). You did a wonderful job educating us about Lincoln and Darwin sharing the same birthday.

    2. Darwin did not in fact write about animals and humans. He made observations on a long sea voyage about plants and animals (in their own kingdoms) and how they seemed to change over time. Change over time is a very important concept. He particularly noted that the Gallipolis Island Finch birds had changed over time. Some Finches lived on one island and they needed a short beak to break open berries because they were hard. Other Finches lived on an island and they needed long beaks to get into their berries because the berries were very soft. he made these observations on plants as well.

    His final publication right before he died opened the door for other scientists to see if humans had “changed over time”.

    3. Please keep up your good work!

    (Please note the teacher in me tried for days not to write in but I just could not let such a great learning opportunity pass by. You reach so many millions of people).

    Take care Uncle Jay.

    Ronda the science nerd.

  9. TrueCardinal Says:

    Great episode once again. I do think that Micheal Phelps has something to be ashamed. he defenitly screwed up. Once again great episode.

  10. Bud Says:

    Amazing how I can simply see the headlines on the newspapers each morning (of other commuters) and know what’s news worthy and important, then have it explained in 3 minutes on Monday morning (truly fair & balanced). Thanks Uncle Jay!

  11. Danny Graham Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay:

    Thank you for explaining the news. Now, President Obama said there is no pork or mark-ups in the stimulus package. Is he talking about pigs or marks-a-lot? I’m confused Uncle Jay… because there’s more pork in that bill then a hog farm…wow, I don’t think Mr. Obama is like Honest Abe. You help me?


  12. Diane Says:

    My Dearest Uncle Jay……….

    You have, once again, made me laugh. :-)

    I’ve heard that laughing can heal a wounded heart,
    and extend our life-span by at least 20 years !!

    Thanks Uncle Jay…..

  13. Frank Says:

    The government is giving money to the banks that the banks claim will be used to make loans. To whom? Those that need loans are the ones that can’t qualify for them and the ones that can qualify don’t need loans. Besides, the banks already have enough money out in loans. That is, after all, part of why the country is in such a mess, right? What is needed is money to the people so that they can pay back the loans they already have. Of course, a few jobs wouldn’t hurt either. But I’m not sure bailing out big business will create those needed jobs. Am I in the wrong? Or in the minority? Or just in over my head?

  14. Julie :) Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay-
    Stimulus PACKAGE= FANTASTIC!!!
    Michael Phelps+ octuplets of prosperity= GREAT

  15. Carl Francis Says:

    I’m very confident that neither the government nor the banks can tell the difference between someone who can’t pay his mortgage due to hardship, and someone who can’t pay because he stupidly overextended himself, and someone who just doesn’t feel like paying for no particular reason. I don’t mind helping the unfortunate through charity, but I am extremely displeased with being forced to support the stupid, the dishonest, and those who just don’t give a damn.

  16. Uncle_Jay_Rocks_My_Socks!! Says:

    Heyy Uncle Jay,
    You are really funny. My favorite part was about Christian Bale having a potty mouth. You putting that toilet bowl over his mouth was pure genius! You rock Uncle Jay!


  17. Danny Graham Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay:

    I guess the Congress members and senators passed a porkulus bill without reading it. Uncle Jay, did they use Cliff Notes? Wow, they had to pass this spending bill so we wouldn’t discover what’s in it and vote against them. Besides, Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to take a junket to Italy with 7 of her favorite Democratic friends…gosh, I wouldn’t want to delay her goverment paid vacation. Can you explain junkets?

  18. michaelm Says:

    Hey Jay-
    Just had to say how much I love the site.
    You have a way with words and I love the way you think.
    The world needs more intelligent bloggers like you.
    Rock on, my man.
    I will return . . .


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