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Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 2, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 2, 2009

Groundhog Day!  It’s a nice distraction, but when the Superbowl and Phil are gone, the ugly reality of the news returns: we don’t have Rod Blagojevich to kick around anymore.  Uncle Jay explains it all!

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13 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 2, 2009”

  1. Mother Larkin Says:

    Thank you Uncle Jay. You always put a smile on my face and a song in my heart. No matter how STUPID they are in Washington (D.C.)….. Never mind…

  2. Kristin Says:

    I love you Uncle Jay!! You are just hilarious!!

  3. kathy Says:

    Thanks, Uncle Jay. I’m an adult but I enjoy your newscast. You are clever and entertaining. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Russ Says:

    This makes my Monday.

  5. mary beth Says:

    Uncle Jay- you are just too awesome! I make sure every Monday’s internet adventures take me to your site! I have watched them all ’til I caught up! Keep teachin’ ‘em, Uncle Jay!

  6. Kyle Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    I am blown away at how well the Obama Campaign talked about crossing the aisle and bringing the country together and within the first few weeks in office has seemed to do everything on one side of the aisle and point out how the other side is so mean and rotten. Do you ever wonder if the aisle has become a moat…filled with CNN, FOX NEWS, and MSNBC reporters? Keep them coming Uncle Jay!

  7. Jo Ann Sawyer Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay, you are the best. Keep telling it how it is and in simple terms. Maybe the message will get across.

  8. TrueCardinal Says:

    Hey I dont really like how you called the Arizona Cardinals ”the other team” i love the Cardinals and they will win the Super Bowl next year. I have loved the Cardinals ever since i was 3 years old. Please give them some respect.

  9. John Ihrig Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,

    As a longtime radio newsman myself, I can only say you are spot-on on your commentary. Keep it coming.
    And I thought I was the only one with a unique sense of humor.

    John Ihrig

  10. Annette Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    Thank you so much for making the news easier for me to understand. I think they should put you on TV so more people could learn from you….like maybe congress!

  11. Raymond G. Kaping Says:

    Uncle Jay…ahh…that is a Prairie Dog. Prairie Dogs are smaller than Ground Hogs and are also not known to bite New York mayors.

    We have lots of them here in Oklahoma.

    And they are alot more photogenic, you don’t see many pictures of Ground Hogs cause they are fat and grumpy…

    Uncle Jay responds:

    Thanks, Raymond … you are among many who have e-mailed Uncle Jay and pointed out his error.

    Uncle Jay’s ignorance of the natural world comes from having been abandoned at birth by his wolf parents and raised by humans.

  12. Austin Guerin Says:

    Uncle Jay, as a Canadian Viewer, I know you are very busy but do you think you could occasionally do an episode on Canadian Politicians. After all, Mr.Igantieff, the (so-called) Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, got such a glowing review in the Sunday New York Times the other week,I almost got sick reading it.
    Thanks and have a great week.

  13. D. Says:

    Uncle Jay………. In California we have surfers that pop their heads out if the water when the weather warms up. Maybe you could do a segment on them? :=)

    We love you in CA……..


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