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Uncle Jay Explains: Jan. 19, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: Jan. 19, 2009

It’s All-Barack-All- the-Time Week, just in case you didn’t get enough in the past 2 years.  Will he do everything he promises?   Or will he be as bad as his enemies promise?   Uncle Jay explains!

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24 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Jan. 19, 2009”

  1. Rebekah Moir Says:

    Hi, Uncle Jay–

    I was just thinking this afternoon about all the inaugural hype and, while I am an Obama supporter and understand how “momentous” this event is, I am hopeful people will remember that the man gets up and puts on his pants one leg at a time just like everyone else. I was going to write about this on my blog tomorrow so I can assume, as you said, I won’t get any web hits :) Thanks for your wit and wisdom.

  2. Don Goldberg Says:

    Did a double take on the Obama Lincoln photo. Put it on a phony $5 at the inauguration day carnival and I’ll bet you could get $10 for it easily. Hey, now there’s a real stimulus plan! Replace legal tender with Obama merchandise and put a windfall tax on the profits. I feel more prosperous already! We’ll need lots of presses for these bills. It’s a perfect storm, the newspapers aren’t using theirs much these days! Wow. Uncle Jay, just watching your weekly lessons has made me so smart! When are you doing to open up the Uncle Jay Institute for basic education and savings bank? (You’ll need some seed money from the government to get started). Distance learning from Uncle Jay. Sign me up!

  3. daisyfae Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,

    Isn’t it also momentous that we’ll have a president who can speak english? And doesn’t have a soulless cyborg for a VP? But what worries me? What will happen to the late night comedy shows? Will the fake news guys – perhaps even [shudder] Uncle Jay – have so little ammo that no one wants to watch anymore?

    With mild concern,


  4. john lallemand Says:

    I hope everyone remembers that socialism never works and the friends of Obama -Wright and Resko

  5. Turtle Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    Before the hype, spin, mythmaking get even more out of hand, a few comments. Senator Obama is just another politcian. Louis Rukeyer, the late host of Wall Street Week, once commented that Presidents take too much credit and get to much blame for the economy. I,as white male,can disagree with Mr. Obamas’ economic and foreign policies; doing so doesn’t make me a racist. Mr. Obama, like all Presidents, will face constraints from entitlement program regulation. Foreign policy is often driven by people in faraway places who don’t care about our opinion and act accordingly.

  6. Mélanie Roy Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay and all boys and girls,

    I’m from Canada and I just wanted to say that it’s very special for me to be able to allow myself to be ecstatic about your 1st Black president, for all its symbolism, and be relieved and happy to see the person he is (vs. Bush), and at the same time, be very down-to-earth and know that he’s a human being, he’s a politician, and that’ll he’ll do the best he can – hopefully ;)
    As I understand it, it seems Mr. Obama does just the same: he allows himself and people to celebrate the bigger-than-life event, but reminds them that he’s not God.
    Still, think about all the joy… It almost feels like the U.S. are getting out of a depression – morally, emotionaly. That’s a lot! Yay!

  7. Robert Osborne Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay:
    Here are some really screwed-up thoughts by my friends regarding the political situation:

    1. According to them, Obama did not win the election. There were a greater number of Americans who were against Obama than for Obama. If the very large percentage of Republicans who did not vote had voted, McCain would have won.

    2. They think Bush made the right decision when he invaded Iraq, because 500 years from now Iraq and the Middle East will be a smoothly democratized region of peace and tranquility, thanks to Bush. And it will be seen, many, many years from now, that the slaughter and suffering of hundreds of thousands of people during the Bush administration was worth it all. But these things take time (and a lot of chimeracal reasoning)

  8. Paul Says:

    “…soulless cyborg for a VP…”
    I suppose you are referring to Cheney, but, um, obviously, you know VERY LITTLE about Biden.

  9. Andrew Osborne Says:

    There are 304 million people in the USA. The gov’t. is handing out over 700 billion (a billion is a thousand million)dollars, with apparently little or no accountability, to financial institutions to try to solve the financial crisis. 304 million goes into 700 billion over 2300 times. So suppose each person in the USA was given $1 million- which is 2300 times less than is being handed out now, and we all went on a big spending spree and paid all our bills, and invested a lot of it— wouldn’t that solve the crisis and make a lot of people very happy at the same time, for a lot less money?

  10. Katelyn ♥ Says:

    Hey uncle Jay,
    I’d just like to say, you’re my hero for Explaining the big stuff to small minded folk and making the news fun! Well Uncle Jay, YOU ROCK!

  11. Rob Murray Says:

    Hello Uncle Jay and thank you for your wonderful take on the issues that shape our world,
    Daisy Fae… I hope that your cult membership is treating you well! My neighbor thinks the same way you do about the speaking… have you heard your almighty savior speak (stutter & stammer) through something he wasn’t prepped to answer? I think you’ll be disappointed soon enough with his eloquence soon, the soft questioning will come to an end!! I just hope that you and the “collectorate” are right about your boy, I personally think we’ve crushed our kids’ future!!!

  12. Mélanie Roy Says:

    I love what Andrew Osborne said. I’m flabbergasted by the math.

  13. Glenn Frank Says:

    I like Andrew Osborne’s idea!

  14. Scott Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    You may want to do a special episode of Uncle Jay explains Math for viewers like Andew. He points out an idea that I keep getting in emails.

    The strange part is that his math skills start out strong – 304 million (people) goes into 700 billion (dollars) over 2,300 times. But he misses the fact that the math work is done right there. $700 billion dollars is enough to give everyone in the US roughly $2,300. Giving every person in the country $1 million would cost $300 trillion dollars.

    While each of us could probably use $2,300, most people would not go out and spend it (at least not spend it in addition to the money that we would spend typically) and as such, this would not provide much stimulus — much the way sending $600 to each tax payer didn’t seem to have much impact.

    Thanks Uncle Jay — I have to agree with Katelyn – You Rock!

  15. kd of va Says:

    Andrew Osborne and Mélanie Roy, Please do not complete your own tax returns, Your multiplication will have you missing payments like Pres. B.O. appointee to treasury.
    1milllion x 304 million= 304,000,000,000,000 trillion

  16. Brad of MO Says:

    Andrew -

    your theory is mathematically flawed and erroneous in your expected result.

    Give everyone $1 million, and there will be no convenience store workers, no WallyWorld door greeters, and no other minimum wage employees. Without them, all prices go up to get ‘good’ help and we’re back where we started.

    If a business fails, it fails. It’s competitors and/or new businesses will find a way to capture their old business and hopefully even improve it. That’s the joy of being a capitalistic economy – make something, make something better, or service something that’s made.

    Have fun!

  17. Bart Gibb Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    Obviously Mr. Osborne uses Political Math, aka. incorrect math. However, my fellow Americans, you need to understand that even if the President Obama had 304 trillion to distribute, that would not fix anything. That would create nothing but INFLATION. Say it with me, “INFLATION”. In this instance it would mean that the money supply has been diluted. In other words, the value of each dollar has decreased in proportion to the increase in the paper money supply. (See the Weimar Republic for more info.)

    Even Mr. Obama sent us all $2300 each, that would also be inflationary, just not as bad. The problem with the distributing funds is that it is rarely “VALUE” based. Government distribution of money either entails redistribution ( which is a disincentive for producers to produce (aka. increase value) or printing money (aka. inflation). Neither is good economically.

    These concepts are exactly what Hoover and FDR did in the early 1930′s, the consequence of which was to turn what might have been a two to three year recession into a 10 year depression. Luckily for us Bush and Obama have history to learn from. Which explains why they are doing, or planning to do, precisely the same thing. Brilliant! If they did absolutely nothing, we’d be out of this in a year or so. But Obama will not want to be seen as doing nothing. Therefore he will do something, which is either redistribute funds or increase the money supply. That is all the government is able to do. Only the free market creates value.

  18. B-Dorf Says:

    Uncle Jay, I must say that without your news programs I would be lost in the world. I especially like the song programs that you do, but that’s off-topic.

    Now, to comment on the ongoing discussion, that economic “solution” may seem nice for you as a spender, just getting a million bucks. However, like kd of va said, that would add 304 trillion bucks of debt. Plus, as we’ve seen already, nobody actually knows how to spend their money. Darwinism has to come into play here, the survival of the fittest, applying to business. If a company dies, it dies. End of story, not like Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ford, GM, and Chrysler. The companies must be allowed to fall to make room for a company to take their place. The banks have the right idea, buying each other out when they are going out of business, aka “combination.” In fact, the owners of these companies have no idea what they’re doing. One of the owners of these companies, while at Capitol Hill, said that they hadn’t satisfied their customers. The headlines showed this, but afterwards, it didn’t appear in the headline listing. I wonder what happened to that headline, perhaps the lawyers interfered? Oh, well…

    If the government just gives away money, then nothing good will happen. Thank you.

  19. Ms. Says:

    Andrew, you need to take some more math classes. Your figures are terribly skewed.

  20. Diane Says:

    People need to remember that Mr. Obama hails from Chicago or, as a dear friend of mine puts it, “the political cesspool known as the city of Chicago, county of Cook in the State of Illinois.” Be patient and remember the Chinese curse – may you live in interesting times. Times are probably going to get very interesting.

  21. Elaine, Kirkwood MO Says:

    Hi Everybody,
    I really enjoy all of Uncle Jay’s videos. He’s very witty and does a great job of explaining the news and answering perplexing and puzzling qestions. I think they should give him a segment on Fox News Network – it would add a little pizazz to their lineup. Since Uncle Jay isn’t being paid the big bucks yet I hope that all of you will join me in putting at least $1 in his jar via Paypal or some other payment system. I think that if we all put in $1 it would be momentous and help give Uncle Jay some salvation.
    In all serious-ness put your money where your mouth is and say thanks Uncle Jay.

  22. mary ann vassanelli Says:

    Isn’t he great

  23. truecardinal Says:

    I LOVE this show!

  24. Elize Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    How do you think John Mc Cain feels about losing the election to a Demacrat?

    Elize age 6


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