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Uncle Jay Explains: Jan. 5, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: Jan. 5, 2009

Happy New Year!  If only it wasn’t starting with such a terrible, never-ending conflict.  But enough about Jen and Angelina … Uncle Jay explains everything else!

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37 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Jan. 5, 2009”



  2. Neil Russell Says:

    Nice video to kick off the new year!
    Keep them coming, I think you will survive the “end of (the) Times” with ratings to spare.

  3. ann harvey Says:

    Your new website looks good, but I can’t get the video to run. Is it my computer? I never had any trouble on the old site or You Tube, for that matter.

  4. vicki lippert Says:

    I can’t get the video to run either——–help.

  5. Tech Support Says:

    Make sure you have the latest flash player –

  6. plusaf Says:

    nice new lead-ins for the New Year… Happy New Year, Uncle Jay… keep up the good works!

  7. James Harris Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay! Sweet new website!

    The video looks sharper than ever. There’s some sort of warbling hiss underneath the audio, though. Check with your sound crew. It only happens when you talk, not during the theme song.

  8. Robb Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,

    I can’t get the video to play, but I don’t have a computer. Could that be my problem?

    Happy New Year!

  9. Carl Says:

    Just discovered your wonderful website yesterday ( 1/3/2009 ) through a friends email……..You Rock, as my GrandKids would say. Thanks for putting a little humor into this world. Carl

    ps. Video and sound coming in 5 x 5 !!

  10. Micki Says:

    Love the new look and as always love the “kid” for the week. Spot on!

  11. Nate Martin Says:

    Another good one Jay! Hey, here’s a word for the week – STIMULUS! Sure, lower taxes (nation’s income) while spending more (stimulus) will help a situation in which the world is awash in debt??? huh? I’ve been saying a second grader can understand that math equation, but why can’t financial “experts,” or government officials? SIGHHHH.


  12. Dave Jones Says:

    Vid has no problems here at this end. Good old IE with just Mickey Soft normal updates.

    And Caroline Kennedy is very qualified to be a Senator, because she has something that others don’t have, good breeding! After all she was sired by JFK and she is out of Jacqueline Bouvier. Breeding will tell, much more than enviromental things.

    But this is only half the story, since if Breeding isn’t there, then an Ivy League education will make up for it.

  13. K. Scott Says:

    Uncle Jay – if only Washington was listening…like Thomas Jefferson once said

    “Every generation needs a new revolution”

    The time is now. Everyone keeps saying, “someone” needs to do something about this.

    We are all, “someone”. Peace and best wishes for 2009.

  14. laq Says:

    hi uncle jay,

    love the new upload…. forget confudunce… how about poor house for the word of the week. that is what we will all be in by the end of the year!

    of course you could talk about change… as in Obama’s promise for it yet same old same old in cabinet.



  15. Dave Narby Says:

    Awesome UJ this week. You’re on a roll!

  16. Corneo Says:

    For people who haven’t made any money last year on the internet, do you think we could ask for a stimulus package?

  17. Oneunder Says:

    I like the look of your redesigned web page. I have been watching for sometime now and get a laugh every time I watch.

    Hey everyone, don’t forget Uncle Jays TIP JAR.

  18. Illinois Boy Says:

    Yet another Illinois governor seeks a career in license plate design! I’m so proud.

  19. Don Goldberg Says:

    Great new opening. I have every confidence this is going t be a great year for Uncle Jay. There’s lots of ‘splainin’ to do.

  20. OHGEEZ Says:

    Just found Uncle Jay! Hilarious, and well put together. Your probably wondering were I’ve been since everybody here has known about Uncle Jay for eons. Well, I’m kind of wondering the same thing.

    Keep up the good work Uncle Jay

  21. truecardinal Says:

    I just found this website about 2 weeks ago, and I have got 2 say that im very impressed. I spent most of last Monday veiewing the old videos. I will defenitly be coming here every Monday!!!

  22. mimi Says:

    Uncle Jay. I missed you. Sorry I forgot about you for awhile. Gee… i should call my aunt barbara cuz i kinda forgot about her too. Anyway, great start to the new year. Thanks.

  23. egc52556 Says:

    Love the cameo from Jerry Springer. I wish I was a celebrity so I could cameo for you too.

  24. Gramma_N Says:

    Um, you know, um, Caroline Kennedy, um, you know, should, well, you know, um, should probably you know, well, um, retain her PRIVATE life, you know. She does um, READ very well, but will she you know have time to um, write everything, um before hand, you know before she um says it?

  25. winter_woman Says:

    Uncle Jay, I am smitten! You are a total hottie, and I think your videos are exquisitely relevant. Bring it, Baby!

  26. Phyllis Walsh Says:

    How refreshing to experience your humor? You are original but also remind me of George Carlin. I really enjoyed your website after getting the site from an email. It is just absolutely great!

  27. Phyllis Walsh Says:

    I liked your site. It is nice. It is funny.

  28. Debe Bloom Says:

    We love you Uncle Jay…and can’t wait for next Monday!!!

  29. Anna D Says:

    Hilarious. You are brilliant, Uncle Jay.

  30. CSCSR Says:

    Dave Jones said “And Caroline Kennedy is very qualified to be a Senator, because she has something that others don’t have, good breeding! After all she was sired by JFK….”

    Are you sure who sired her? There are witnesses to a mother (well sort of with modern science and all)through the birthing process but no one has ever witnessed who a father was for any of us.

  31. Pat Says:

    So much for you to sing about these days! And you sing very well when it comes to the Gov of Illinois. And the drama continues….

  32. Ron S Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay. In most states the governor’s mansion is a stepping stone to the White House. Here in Illinois its a stepping stone to the Big House. I can’t wait to hear more about Illinois politics.

  33. Melissa Kelly Says:

    You are a kick-in-the-pants Uncle Jay. Thank-you

  34. Uncle Freddie Says:

    Uncle Jay …received enough emails from my friends with clips of your “reporting” that I had to locate your site and make it
    it a “favorite”. Go, Man, Go!!

  35. Robert Osborne Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay:
    I was, unfortuately, unable to hear most of what you had to say, because the music was louder than your speech. This may be partly due to the fact that I have an ‘asymetrical’ hearing problem. But I imagine many of your viewers have a similar problem.

  36. Veronica Says:

    I could hear ya loud and clear.

  37. Steve Sinton Says:

    I agree with Don Goldberg: I think this will be a great year for Uncle Jay. Hell, it has to be for someone…


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