Uncle Jay Explains: Dec. 22, 2008

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Uncle Jay Explains: Dec. 22, 2008

It’s been a whole year since Uncle Jay has SUNG an entire episode, and here’s the reminder why! It’s the year-end review of the news — maybe it’ll seem a little better with music.

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88 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Dec. 22, 2008”

  1. Princess Michele Says:

    An instant CLASSIC! You hit all the high and low low lowdown notes of the year. Just when I thought the numbers number would clearly be the BEST, you came up with Beijing, You Better Watch Out!!! and on and on. But, hey, you leave my boy Rick Astley out of it! Some things are sacred.
    Forget the newborn king, I adore YOU!!

  2. Ken Jensen Says:

    Perfect! Wonderful! So YOU!!! Great job, Uncle Jay! I laughed so hard, which is always weird considering the material. You played it fair too, and included all sides. That should keep the peanut gallery happy!
    Have a great batch of holidays!

  3. Neil Russell Says:

    Fantastic year ender Uncle Jay!
    I’m looking forward to the upcoming year and your analysis of it, should be a busy one!

  4. alan falk Says:

    Absolutely Wonderful, and great singing, too!

    Happy holidays to you and yours and all of us subscribers, too!

    +af in NC.

  5. Dave Narby Says:

    …One for the “Best of Uncle Jay”!

  6. Don Says:

    Uncle Jay, once again this year you’ve been able to mix the right amount of naughty and nice.
    May all the coal in your stocking be “clean coal.”
    We love you

  7. Patrick Says:

    Thank you very much for another great year!

  8. Dr. Mikey Says:


  9. Captain Magic Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    You’re the Man!!

    Einstein would be impressed.

    Happy Merry and Holly Daze to you and yours.

  10. Melba Sibrel Says:

    I only wish it had lasted longer! Nice.

  11. Deacon Says:

    I’ve never heard of you before, Uncle Jay, and I was just linked to this page. I have to say, that was BRILLIANT. Very well done. Kudos to you, sir.

  12. Deacon Says:

    PS Just subscribed via iTunes.

  13. egc52556 Says:

    One of the best UJETN. Hooray!

  14. Jeff Says:

    All the turmoil of the past year makes me more than anxious about the new one right around the corner. With you, Uncle Jay, there is hope!

    Most excellent wrap-up of the craziness that was 2008. Many, many thanks for all the chuckles and keeping the keel even in this sea of despair.

    Looking forward to Uncle Jay – 2009…

  15. Steve Says:

    That’s great! I said it before, I may not agree with you 100%, but you certainly have an honest view of current events. I look forward to 2009 and more news.

  16. Phil Foster Says:

    Thanks for your singing year in review. You’re way better than Nick Lachey. Your website videos are the gift that keeps giving year round. And if our company dividend comes back, I’m putting a good chunk in Uncle Jay’s tip jar or buying some cool stuff at the UncleJayMart.

  17. Ari Says:

    Love this! Like last year’s better, but still great. Like the “12K down.”

    Ps. Merryhappychristmahanukwanzakahsameach.

  18. Barry Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw that you would be singing the entire episode. I have to say, well done!!! I especially liked the ‘Oh, you better watch out..’ segment!!! Keep up the great work!

  19. Matthew Says:

    That was hilarious

  20. Alison Taylor Says:

    AWESOME!!!!! Definitely file this one under “Best Of.”

  21. GunMD Says:

    Great stuff! One of your best yet. Keep up the good work. I tune in every week.

    Thanks for making a crappy year happy.

  22. Dawn Says:

    Well done! From the irony that was the Beijing Olympics to ‘Sarah’s Favorite Bling’; you’re a very talented man. Will definitely add your link to my blog. Happy New Year!

  23. tundraJEM Says:

    Here’s to the news in 2009! May you have many more headlines & sublines to explain! And for the rest of us… here’s to Uncle Jay in 2012! (Move over Palin, Uncle Jay’s meatier!)

  24. Lee Dunkelberg Says:

    Another spot on another blog list coming up.
    (especiallys the musics about my preciousssssssss and her blinges)

  25. Nate Martin Says:

    Outstanding job, Jay! Please keep it coming, love the economic satire and have added a link to your site from my blog.

    Very talented, love it!


  26. daisyfae Says:

    Lovely! Friend directed me here – and i’ll be back for more! May you have much, much less material to work with in 2009!

  27. April Says:

    Hi,Uncle Jay we Love your video, Noah and Schuyler though it was great! Happy New Year!! Love Ya!

  28. Judy Says:

    Just found out about you, ashamed to say I had never heard your stuff before, but I redeemed myself by sending your website address to all my friends and family. So great to hear someone truly funny that doesn’t have to resort to profanity to think they are funny.
    I heard a solution to the “bailout” situation that would have made much more sense, but no one seemed to think it would work. “They” should have divided that money between all the adult tax-paying citizens, they in turn could pay off their mortgages so the mortgage companies will be solvent, there will be more money in the economy because the people can now use the money for their mortgage payments to pay off other bills or buy things. Now doesn’t that make more sense??

  29. Sue Jones Says:

    You are truly funny! I haven’t had such a good laugh in quite sometime. Thanks for your creative parody on the politics of America.

  30. Madge Owens Says:

    Funny and right on!! Happy New Year Good Riddens 2008

  31. Anaya Says:

    Believe it or not, I laughted myself to tears !! Thanks, Jay, I needed that…

  32. angela Says:

    Too bad he didn’t mention the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at Bush! Or the justified Israeli attacks on the Hamas!

  33. JoJo Says:

    Judy, how is $2,000 going to pay off everyone’s mortgage? Go finish elementary school, please. Anyway, Uncle Jay Rocks!

  34. yogi Says:

    i have no idea who or what you are.since people find you wise and funny i decided to share the same.

  35. a new fan Says:

    A link to this YouTube video was sent to me and I had to check out your site!! Great job! I forwarded to many of my friends. I will tune in weekly! Thanks!

  36. Scott Says:

    Uncle Jay, you are without a doubt, the only person online that can capture an entire year, set it to music and have it open our eyes to the stupidity of America. Talent, creativity and humor- what great
    gifts to share! Price-less!

  37. Mike Macaulay Says:

    In these confusing times it is nice to share some humor.

  38. Rhonda Says:


  39. snow bird Says:

    It’s the best! Right on! U go!!!!

  40. Jennifer Says:

    OMG what a freakin riot! I am laughing my arse off! Nice job Jay! Love it!

  41. Don Says:

    All I can say is “you rock”. Pretty with it language don’t ja think? Especially for a brand new Medicare recipient.

  42. Dan Says:

    That is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Very funny. Keep up the great work!

  43. Rochelle Says:

    Supurb! Insightful and funny– I have also passed this along.

  44. Sandy Noll Says:

    WOW!! Very talented! Great video!

  45. Liz W Says:

    Obvious liberal bent. Thumbs down.

  46. vera de ruvo Says:


  47. Jenny, bloggess Says:

    That was weird. And totally awesome.

  48. Phyllis says; Says:

    My husband and I do not have income coming in to pay all the city taxes.We may lose our home,heating oil and gas, that helps to keep us warm, food to eat.We are both retired and can not make ends meet. My husband nor I can work. I would like to see more people like us to be able to get more help. Happy new year. Thanks for reading this.God bless you and every one out there. Phyllis

  49. Phyllis Says:

    I think it is very inportant to help take care of there Mortgages.Bailout thse people. It would also help the mortgages .They could help them to pay off some of their other bills. Adult taxes should have some help. Phyllis

  50. oncall Says:

    Outstanding…I did not get the “Do you see what I see?” with the 80′s music video. Any incite from anyone would be great. God bless you all in ’09.

  51. Todd Says:

    Ahhh!!! I’ve been Rick-rolled by Uncle Jay!! Nice one.

  52. oncall Says:

    Rickrolling…Hmmm…They say you learn something new everyday…I guess you do…

  53. Nick Says:

    Thank you for mentioning Tibet.
    Happy Holidays!

  54. Carole Says:

    Loved the video, but how could you leave out our bumbling idot prez?

  55. James E. Brasher Says:

    Our world really is what we make of it.

  56. Claire Says:


    I loved the rickroll

  57. Keith in Southwest France Says:

    Thanks for the abbreviated version of all of the bs that has been going on this last year.

  58. Phil Says:

    Uncle J, I love it! Thanks for the hard work! Never heard of you before until now but you’re one f-ing funny guy. I wish you were my real uncle!

  59. Maggie Says:

    Don’t know how you missed the shoes Angela!! Go back and have another look

  60. Maureen Says:

    In these upside down times, you give us a good
    laugh. And we surely need it….Many thanks to you Uncle J Keep it coming ….

  61. Mike Says:

    Merry Christmas to you too

  62. Beverly Says:

    I loved this parody of Christmas songs, and all the ‘rewritten lyrics’ were sooo on target – but I admit, I don’t get the ‘Do you see what I see’ reference … can someone explain? Who is the singer on the stage, and why is this segment appropriate to this wonderful collection of snapshots of 2008′s ‘greatest’ worst moments …

  63. Beverly Says:

    Ah – so. I should have reviewed all of the previous comments, before posting. I’d never heard of ‘rickrolling’, but now see the ‘connection’ to the parody. Colour me embarassed ….

  64. Mick Says:

    Thank you Uncle Jay. That was fantastic! Really clever, well-done and funny. I didn’t get the reference to Rick Astley either, maybe you have to know more about Uncle Jay’s other vids to get it? – But still this was really cute. Thanks for posting good natured humor things like this.

  65. Navarre Says:

    Best Rick Roll EVER!!

  66. Desiree Banugo Says:

    Uncle Jay – there’s only one thing I can say. You’re the man! Thanks!

  67. Gort Says:

    Wish I had an Uncle Jay…

  68. Rita Says:

    Great! All we can do is laugh about the mess and the characters that got us there. They’d do better next year, ’cause we’re out of patience with this mob of bad actors….Loved the singing.

  69. Ellen Teeter Says:

    I thought this was cute!

  70. Robert Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay:
    Loved your review of 2008 with the following exceptions:
    You left out Joe Binden asking a wheel chair bound man to stand up and/or his knownledge of history wherein he tells of Roosevelts using T. V. to keep American informed, or Obama explaining to Americans that we have 52 or was it 57 states. Well when your enfalable opp’s. Come on Jay!!! the cheap shot at Sarah when you leave out Joe, come on be fare and balanced. How about 145 hours of job experience, or that as much as thing change they remain the same.
    Reliving the Clinton’s years isn’t really change now is it??!! And now that our Country will be at risk of attack because of the changes that will be made at the CIA I cann’t wait for your 09 review of events. Will we be loved by the rest of world?. AND will we come to wish for the comford that President Bush’s Security provided for our country. We have not been attacks; except by our own citizens since 9/11. Much of your review was funny; I did pass it on.

  71. Mike Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    Please don’t sing again …… ever.

  72. Nick Says:

    Brilliant, truly brilliant. You hit all the most important stories of the year right on the head. Bravo!

  73. Linda Says:

    Is Uncle Jay really Dave Ramsey?

  74. Jason Says:

    LOVED IT! That was great…for kids of all ages.

  75. Claire Says:

    That was great!!! Thank you!

  76. Mark Says:

    Absolutely, totally brilliant. You,Sir are spot on with everytything
    Ogden Nash and Alan Sherman [wherever you both may be]Eat your hearts out

  77. Aubrey Says:

    This is GREAT! I LOVE IT! Thanks for all the laughts! I’m emailing this to friends and family!

  78. Jeff Says:

    I haven’t seen any thing yet

  79. Jeff Says:

    Fun show

  80. Jeff Says:

    I enjoyed the video

  81. Cheesedoff17 Says:

    Super fun. I’ll be visiting again.

  82. tyler Says:

    I adore uncle jay i write you a letter every day just one day i hope you read mine

  83. Erin Says:

    This is my favorite video!
    I watch it all the time.

  84. Heathyr Says:

    I feel honored to have been Rick-Rolled by Uncle Jay. Thank you sir, I applaud you.

  85. Girlygirl13 Says:


  86. Zackboy91 Says:

    Darnit! Rickrolled again!!!

  87. blah Says:


  88. Ron Howes Says:

    Come back, Uncle Jay, we miss you!


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