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Uncle Jay Explains the News: August 25, 2008

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Uncle Jay Explains the News: August 25, 2008

SPECIAL EPISODE!  It’s time for the (yuck!) Presidential Conventions.  They’re kind of like the Olympics, but instead of fireworks, embarrassing government control and widespread doping, the conventions have balloons, embarrassing corporate control and widespread drinking.  Uncle Jay explains it all!

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7 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains the News: August 25, 2008”

  1. Princess Michele Says:

    Jay…INSTANT CLASSIC! As I try to recover from my Olympics hangover I’ve been wondering just why oh why do they even have the darn convention. I will wonder no more.

    Yours in the ‘hood,


  2. George Lowe Says:

    Inquisitive minds need to know!!!
    You had me up to and through the “fully mature and adult picture” but was the bungee picture for real? If so my admiration knows no limits.

    Thanks, also, Uncle Jay for a ray of sunshine in this otherwise bizarre world we live in and God bless you for seeing the humor in it.

    (Uncle Jay’s Reply: Yes, that was authentically Daredevil Uncle Jay.)

  3. Gregg Says:

    Uncle Jay For President!!!!!

  4. Heather Says:

    Another good explaination of the unneeded convention is available at NPR:

    Uncle Jay rocks.

  5. Mac Says:

    Uncle Jay, you ARE the BEST!

    By far the best political commentator, and sarcastic wise-ass, on the planet! We mere mortals (who have to put up with the politicians) really appreciate that about you!

    Thanks and KEEP UP the great, funny, mean, nifty work!!

    your fan,
    mac mccarthy

  6. Woog Says:

    Mana mana!

  7. Phil Foster Says:

    Thanks for reminding us how meaningless the ‘platforms’ are. These are read less than the health warning on a pack of cigarettes and as sincere as a promise not to drink again. But they are potentially more dangerous than either.


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