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Uncle Jay Explains the News – May 5, 2008

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – May 5, 2008

Wait a minute!  Uncle Jay hasn’t sunk to making Miley Cyrus the week’s top story, has he?  Don’t worry, that’s at the end, because there was plenty of other news that was even dumber.  Check it out … maybe the dumbest story is the one you think is most important!

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One Response to “Uncle Jay Explains the News – May 5, 2008”

  1. Ken Jensen Says:

    I have a friend who feels free to hammer me with his viewpoints on politics; cartoons, jokes, gag pictures, and even lengthy hate-filled diatribes about the candidates that don’t match his thinking. I guess he thinks I agree.

    In response, I’ve sent him your way, but never heard back on the “Uncle Jay” issue. Sigh. I wish more people would become aware of you. The news is important but not in the way they usually think.

    You continuously hit the nail on the head, Uncle Jay. And you make me laugh hard at the same time.


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