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Uncle Jay Explains Presidents Day!

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Uncle Jay Explains Presidents Day!

It’s Presidents Day, in a presidential election year!  Now more than ever, every American student should learn more about our presidents.  That’s why we’ve set aside this special learning day by closing all the schools.   And for your parents, we’ve given them a few extra minutes to reflect on the Presidency by not delivering their mail.  Uncle Jay explains it all!

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7 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains Presidents Day!”

  1. Uben Says:

    WOOT first post
    nice vid mista jay

  2. Willy Jackson Says:

    Uncle Jay you are the greatest! I really learn a lot from you especially how lazy and dumb our politicians are. Its kind of sad but please keep telling us the truth so we can learn. We sure can’t get the truth from the normal news places on TV or the newspapers!!!

    Do you think we will ever get honest politicians again like we had in the old days? You know, people that actually cared about us instead of just getting more power and money for themselves.

  3. Jay Says:

    Barack is as much white as he is black. He is compared to Kennedy, but has “way less” experience. Oh well.

    Nice video, thanks.

  4. Phil Foster Says:

    Uncle Jay: I heard that the Republicans will throw water on Mrs. Clinton to melt her if she is nominated to run for President. Shouldn’t she wear protection?

  5. Pedant Says:

    Uncle Jay:

    In your podcast video, you said, “So far, 43 people have lived that dream …” Unfortunately, only 42 people have lived that dream. Dubya is #43, but we double-count Grover Cleveland, who was #22 and #24.

  6. Uncle Jay Says:

    Pedant is correct: Grover Cleveland is often counted as two people because he was elected two separate times. However, since Bill Clinton’s presidency is often counted as only one person, 43 people is still an accurate number.

  7. Mildredbg Says:

    thats it, dude


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