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Uncle Jay’s Outtakes from the Feb. 4, 2008 episode

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Uncle Jay’s Outtakes from the Feb. 4, 2008 episode

Many of you wrote and asked how many times Uncle Jay must have stumbled over “that word” before he finally got it all out.  So by popular demand, here’s the evidence: Uncle Jay’s very first outtake reel.

If you haven’t seen the 2/4/08 episode yet, you should watch that first, here.

One Response to “Uncle Jay’s Outtakes from the Feb. 4, 2008 episode”

  1. Neal Says:

    Gee Uncle Jay, I always wondered how you always got those big and complicated words so perfect. Thanks for explaining to me that sometimes big words don’t always come out of people’s mouths just the way they want.

    Which brings us to the word of the day: “editing”

    Thanks for the great videos.


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