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Uncle Jay Explains the News – February 4, 2008

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – February 4, 2008

Dude, it’s Canned Food Month!  Wait a minute, is that really the big news?  If the Giants’ victory made you sick, just wait till you see SuperBarf Tuesday, the day all your favorite shows get upchucked by Primaries coverage!   Uncle Jay explains everything, in this very special all-non-Britney episode.

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7 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains the News – February 4, 2008”

  1. Sue Says:

    How long did it take for you to be able to say “super…duper Tuesday”?!

  2. Tony Bullard Says:

    Very funny episode today.

  3. Shannon Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay! Loved the ritalin reference.

  4. Monica Says:

    I really enjoyed the reference regarding the “Medicinal Marijuana” machines in California and the “Canned Hamburger” becoming a popular item.

  5. scarlett Says:

    yes, very funny about the cheezeboygers….!

  6. Sandra Says:

    You really don’t know what you are comparing Obama to. If you really knew Obama, you would know what he really stands for. This is not funny and young minds can not be so easily deceived.

    A satire is only funny, if it could be true. This could never be true about Obama.

  7. Jay Bender Says:

    Oh, lighten up Sandra.


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