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Uncle Jay Explains the News – January 14, 2008

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – January 14, 2008

Dude!  President Bush says that by next year, he’ll find peace in the Middle East!  Also Jimmy Hoffa.   And maybe the real Hannah Montana!  The Presidential playoffs charge on towards Superbore Tuesday, and the real Superbowl … well, O.J. might miss it again this year.   Uncle Jay explains it all!

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4 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains the News – January 14, 2008”

  1. Juan Iota Says:

    “Just a spoon full of lead based paint on chinese toys makes it easier to down” or something like that isnt it?

    Thanks for making all the work it’s taking to expose “the morons” just a little easier and more fun through “Humoirony,” or as I like to say: “The ridiculous truth.” Keep it going Uncle Jay

  2. Sue Says:

    How long has this feature been here?

  3. Uncle Jay Says:

    Funny you should ask, Sue … one year as of today! This website started last April, but Uncle Jay began producing episodes on YouTube from his den last January 14th. He’s gained some polish and lost some weight since then.

  4. dv Says:

    Something tells me Uncle Jay is going to have a field day this year with the elections…its open season for Uncle Jay LOL…go getem Uncle Jay!


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