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Uncle Jay Explains the News – 2007 Year In Review!

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – 2007 Year In Review!

It’s the festive season, and for the first time, Uncle Jay sings! 

For some reason he considers this as his gift to you.  Let’s look back at all the proud achievements in the news of 2007 … there’s got to be some.

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12 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains the News – 2007 Year In Review!”

  1. Jonathan Janosi Says:

    Hey Uncle Jay,

    Someone just sent me a link to your video with the news word ‘congress’ and since then I’ve been catching up on these videos. They’re really great.

    Love the remakes of Christmas Carols! Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s really a good watch.

  2. Mike Says:

    Hey Uncle Jay, I’ve been watching you for sometime now. I’m fascinated by your witty take on the news. I’m planning on following your updates into 2008. As for singing the news…..please don’t do that again.

  3. Sherry Says:

    Love it!
    Was sent your congress video and then came to your site and saw your Christmas Carol video. Too funny! Thanks for a laugh! :o)

  4. Bob Says:

    Haha this is my favorite video.. =)… my history class watches your episodes ritually haha keep them up!

  5. Ed Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    lol!!! Your Christmas Carol video (the 2007 year in review) was simply a great piece of work! Stupendous!!! Keep it up!

  6. dave Says:

    Why aren’t you doing HBO specials!!!!!! You are more humorous than most of the “comedians” out there. Thanks for the pick-me-up.

  7. jess Says:

    hey uncle jay, i was sent your explanation of congress’ recess in an email. i loved it, i’m checking out more of your work now, keep up the gr8 work!! i have loved everything i have seen, especially your review of 2007. thanks for helping the rest of us laugh!!!

  8. Mike Says:

    Uncle Jay – thanks for a wonderful Christmas time, looking forward to 2008!

  9. Vicki Rega Says:

    Much to my sorrow my own Uncle J passed on in 2005 before I heard about you. Uncle J would have loved what you do. I am now passing your explanations on to my own kids, who will soon be confusing the two of you, so the spirit of J.A. Walker will be fresh in their memories (in a confused sort of way).

  10. Ray Says:


  11. Dave Harrison Says:

    Hi uncle Jay!
    I’m an older kid who just discovered your site, and I am going to recommend it for my grandkids!
    Have a fine, 2009!

  12. sunny Says:

    keep on singing! it is so funny!


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