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Uncle Jay Explains the News – December 3, 2007

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – December 3, 2007

As you can see, Uncle Jay had a tough time choosing the week’s top news story.  Bigtime elections in Russia & Venezuela, bigtime meetings between Arabs & Israelis, and smalltime bickering between presidential candidates.  Not to mention that scary Terrorist Teddy Bear!  Uncle Jay explains it all.

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5 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains the News – December 3, 2007”

  1. Betty B. Says:

    Awesome! Thanks Uncle Jay. :-) Betty and friends.

  2. Woog Says:

    This week’s explaination is very likely the best week ever! The impending doom in the economy, the religious insanity over a child’s teddy bear’s name, the upcoming “free and fair” elections, the newest Middle East peace talk, and some light French-bashing to boot! I’m not sure a more amusing combination of expressions and images could be found to accomodate this week’s explaination.

    I, for one, am telling all my friends!

  3. Joated Says:

    Well done! (as usual)

    Love the use of “facade” to help explain reality vs P.R.

  4. Bob Renka Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    You should be famous! (maybe you already are and I just don’t know it yet…). Anyway, I’m telling all my friends about you. I can hardly wait until next Monday….

  5. Hanna Says:

    I really love Uncle Jay, but I’ve been to Venezuela, they LOVE him down there, well except for the rich people they hate him, cause he does things like seizing property of elite golf courses and have them build affordable housing. ha ha ha!


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