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Uncle Jay Explains the News – November 25, 2007

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – November 25, 2007

Shoppers, start your engines!  While your parents search for presents … uh, er, that is, so they can tell Santa what to bring to you … the news searches for the same old holiday-themed stories to give us yet again, whether we want them or not.  Uncle Jay explains it all!

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4 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains the News – November 25, 2007”

  1. Joseph Ernstes Says:

    Why did you not answer a question today? Lame.


  2. Richard Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    I am a great fan of your site, but I take issue with your trivializing the controversy over the religious inundation of our public spaces at this time of year.
    Yes, I prefer Happy Holidays to Merry Christmas. I dislike the arrogant assumption that every one is a Gentile in this country.
    Jews, Buddhists, Moslems and numerous other faiths are especially marginalized as December 25th approaches. The rest of the year they are merely routinely marginalized.
    I do not believe we should have a National Christmas Tree gaudily displayed in Washington (the opions of our Christ-struck president notwithstanding). I agree that nativity scenes in public spaces are out of place in a nation whose Constitution does not respect the establishment of one religion over another.
    I am not an atheist. I believe in the existence of a Supreme Being and therefor have no qualms about “In God We Trust” appearing on our currency. God is not partial to any one group of his children. He is not denominational.
    I draw a line between the largely inoffensive jollity of Santa Claus and Jingle Bells and the deeper, darker scenes of mangers, sheep, asses and kings in genuflection.
    Believe as you wish – assume that yours is the only path to salvation. Just don’t insinuate your beliefs on me. I already have a path and, last I heard, God is just fine with it.

  3. Andrea Says:

    THANK YOU Uncle Jay for saying publicly what most of us cannot about Manger Scenes, Santa saying “Ho Ho Ho” and In God We Trust on our currency.

    It does not have to be made out to be a matter of disrespect, or religious beliefs…. for many, it is (also) a matter of tradition. This is the way it has been and should stay. I’m tired of those who have unbelief insinuating their lack of belief on those of us, like many of our founders, who do.

    Merry Christmas Uncle Jay!

  4. Marty Says:

    Thanks for your show. It’s great. I appreciate your insight and thank goodness we have someone who isn’t so darn serious in a world with no sense of humor anymore.

    So many people take things so personally and feel the “man is out to get them.” Pretty soon, they will rename Christmas to PlaceYourReligion’sNameHeremas. These are the same people who will ban candy canes because they offend people with handicaps.

    Then again, this is the same world that places instructions on shampoo bottles. I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Let’s all lather, rinse, and repeat! Are Are Shampoo Borg.


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