Uncle Jay Explains the News – September 24, 2007

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – September 24, 2007

This week, Uncle Jay helps you understand “blogs.” How can you tell the difference between (a) Amateur blogs that are biased and undependable, and (b) Solid, professional JOURNALISM that’s biased and undependable? ¬†Uncle Jay shows you!

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11 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains the News – September 24, 2007”

  1. Hammer Says:

    Very informative and bordering on brilliant.

    I wonder what kind of scumbag I am?

  2. Billy J in DC Says:

    Does he really think those blogs are the way he describes? Is he just trying to get attention? Has he actually read them?

  3. Doc Hudson Says:

    And whoosh, Uncle Jay goes right over the head of Billy J in DC.

    It’s humor, Billy. For more information on the subject, see Al Franken or Dennis Miller. Wait, actually, don’t go see either of them. Just YouTube videos of dancing cats.

  4. "retired"reverend billy bob gisher Says:

    Actually Billy J, (is that joe, jack, or just J?), the old doc was quite kind to the blogs and perhaps even kinder to mass media. He is trying to get attention, but sadly he will not do well because folks like you will quickly tire of the heavy lifting he demands.

  5. Spencer Oland Says:

    Howcome you don’t like nobody J?

  6. Stephanie Says:

    uncle jay makes me giggle. :)

  7. The Real McCoy Says:

    Blogs are stoopid. I heart Uncle Jay!

  8. jdcarmine Says:

    Uncle Jay is mandatory reading for my Political Philosophy classes.

  9. Blake Says:

    Uncle Jay is awesome. Such a creative mind. Every episode is great. I’m definitely putting a link to this on my blog… seriously, hilarious.
    Thanks Uncle Jay Keep ‘em coming.
    I think I fall into the leftward/rightward scumbag side and now I can check with the blogs for confirmation!

  10. bilgerat Says:

    By posting my comment am I blogging?

  11. Halp1 Says:

    You are like a cross of two of my heros, Dennis Miller and George Carlin. Thanks!

    PS, I’ll be donating, You reading this should too.


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